Food Poisoning: Drake Postponed Show In Amsterdam For The 3rd Time

Drake postponed his Amsterdam show not because he smoked too much weed but because he got food poisoning after eating sushi, per TMZ. Drizzy even had to get medical attention for the illness and still wasn’t fit to perform on the Boy Meets World Tour stop.

The crowd was told the show was postponed after waiting for more than an hour for their beloved star and then proceeded to throw drinks onto the stage.

This is the third show he’s had to postpone in the city. The performance is rescheduled to take place Wednesday, March 29.

Drake’s Amsterdam shows had originally been scheduled for way back in January. He then had to cancel shows on the 20th and 21st, rescheduling for one week later. Again, Drake had to cancel, pushing the show all the way until last night — at which point he canceled again.