Exposed!!! Obasanjo Murdered My Brother – Kemi Olunloyo

From Kemi Olunloyo’s desk:

We were raised in the Olunloyo family to always tell the truth. In 2014,
my dad told me that Obasanjo KILLED OYELEKE! That when my 17yo brother
went to open the gate for u March 5th 1999 on his birthday he dropped
charms there. Oyeleke died later that year in the UK when a drunk driver
hit him. Before my brother died at 17yo December 24rd 1999, he told my
mom and I that he was taken by my dad and his concubine Ronke Shonaike
who parades herself as Ronke Olunloyo to Obasanjo’s house and Ibefun, a
ritualist den where he was told to bathe in human blood preparing him
for a good journey to school abroad and do well. They sacrificed my
brother. I will never stop exposing them. My investigative journalism
spares no one. I stopped talking to my father in 2015. My brother in
America since 1985. Many of you saw the ritualist videos on Facebook and
today on, I will transfer them. My Facebook
page is closed indefinitely as I deactivated it. I will go there and
transfer the videos to YT. Subscribe to it as I will upload shocking
footage. If you have never walked in my shoes, keep shut. Ritualism is
real and many Nigerians are in denial of it. Happy Birthday in heaven.
Oyeleke would have been 35yo today possibly with a wife and family. My
dad and Obasanjo took it all using a birthday March 5th –@kemiolunloyo