‘Enquire Mag Editor Brought Out His D!ck and Asked Me to Rub it’ – Cossy Ojiakor

‘Enquire Mag Editor Brought Out His D!ck and Asked Me to Rub it’ – Cossy Ojiakor… Cossy Ojiakor has completed the first draft of her book in which she narrated her role as an industry pimp, the actresses she linked up with men, and how she got betrayed.
With her side of the story completed, the actress is wondering if to include her personal story, especially the controversial bestiality scene from a movie that shot her to the limelight and almost ruined her career.
I have finished the ungrateful Delilah story but it’s just 93pages. I was hoping to make it a 120 page. #Cossyxcapade, A Tell It All Tale,” she said her Instagram post today. “I don’t know if I should stop or include my version of some weird stuffs that happened to me some years back like my version of the dog stuff.”
She continued, noting that an editor of Enquire Magazine once “brought out his big dk for me to rub in his car.”
Cossy doesn’t consider this as sexual molestation; “crazy stuffs”, she calls experiences like this.

Cossy Orjiakor Screenshot

Recall that the drama began early March, when the actress leaked clues on actresses she allegedly pimped out to a mystery man. Ojiakor, from her explanation, felt betrayed after one of the ladies trashtalked her before their sponsor and tried to block her Range Rover gift. And it is for this reason that the buxom actress spilled the details and has written a book about it.
Two of the actresses that somehow got embroiled in the story are Daniella Okeke and Iyabo Ojo; Cossy named them but started out the rant with a disclaimer, saying that the names, even though are names of famous faces, are mere fictions in her story.
Well, Cossy has written her story as an industry pimp, and now is asking if she should include her personal stories.
He fans are divided over this. While some have asked her to reconsider the idea of publishing such a book, others want more juice.
Though we want to read but the internet never forgets. Think of the effects tomorrow before adding details but if you’re comfortable then do it,” one fan @tinaabold1 said. Another, @mee4god, added, “I think you should just print, let’s keep some juicy tale for another book or make this volume 1 and the next tale volume 2.”