Abia to Fire 1,000 Workers Over Age and Certificate Falsification

The Abia State government is determined to clean its civil service of workers guilty of age falsification and certificate forgery. It has therefore singled out over 1,000 workers to be sacked by the end of March 2017, the Punch is reporting.

The Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Charles Ogbonnaya, told journalists that the state discovered the age cheats during the ongoing verification of workers in the state.

For instance, Ogbonnaya said the verification committee discovered a health worker at Amachara General Hospital on Level 14 and is simultaneously employed as a local government health officer on level 14.

He said, “We sent the certificates of some local government workers to WAEC for confirmation, but the reply we got was that those certificates were not issued by that examination body.

“But there are 300 so far that we discovered falsified their ages; they are those that should have retired four to five years ago, but they are still in the service and we will show them the way out too.

“Others are those who gained promotion unduly; what we are doing about them is to bring them down to the real level.

“We have also sent the certificates of staff of other seven local governments to WAEC for confirmation of the authenticity of the results and we are waiting to see what the outcome will be.”

Ogbonnaya said local government chairmen should not tolerate truancy and pay attention to workers who engage in other businesses and pay less attention to office work.

The local government commissioner further charged the executive chairmen, especially Isialangwa North, South, Ikwuano and Obingwa to go into cassava production, while Bende, Arochukwu and part of Ikwuano should go into rice production to boost their internally generated revenue.

Age and certificate falsification is a major problem in civil service and public offices across Nigeria. In some instances, many have come out to confess to this crime after they become born again Christians.