The Arrest Of Audu Maikori & The Misplaced Call To Pray For The Tyrant – FFK

Read his piece below…

Permit me to begin this contribution with an aside.
It is only a weak, insecure, paranoid, wicked, heartless, ignorant,
lawless and callous government that refuses to identify, apprehend,
prosecute and hang the bloodthirsty, psychopathic and murdering
Janjaweed Islamist Fulani militants and herdsmen and instead arrests an
innocent and accomplished young man like Audu Maikori who simply had the
courage to cry out to the world about

…the barbarous genocide that the
people of Southern Kaduna and members of his ethnic group and religious
faith are being subjected to all over the north.

I am convinced that my old friend Governor Nasir El Rufai has lost it.
He has literally been driven mad by the power that he now wields. If he
wants peace in Kaduna state and in the entire country is this the way to
achieve it?

Does he really believe that locking up his critics and those that have
expressed concern about the mass murder and crimes against humanity that
are being perpetuated in his state by his Fulani friends and kinsmen
who he publicly admitted that he sends public funds to is the way

Does he not know that the suppression of dissenting voices and
intimidation will only lead to more anger, resistance, violence and

Can he not build bridges rather than burn them? Can he not make friends rather than make enemies?

Here is my message to him: the people of Southern Kaduna are NOT your
slaves and neither are the northern minorities, the people of the south
or the Christians of Nigeria.

You can kill and lock up as many of us as you like: our faith will only
continue to grow, we shall continue to go from strength to strength and
we shall oppose and resist you till the bitter end.

At the appointed time the Lord will strike back at you for your power show and sheer wickedness and He shall deliver His people.

I will not beg you to free Audu Maikori but instead I will strongly advise you to do so.

This brings me to the meat of this intervention.

One of the qualities that a Prince must have is the ability to speak
truth to power no matter the price, no matter the consequences and no
matter whose ox is gored.

Today I will share a truth which many may not like but which, as a leader and a Prince, I am constrained to share.

Some have suggested that every Nigerian is compelled by God to pray for
our ailing President. I disagree. I do not wish him ill or wish him dead
but at the same time I do not subscribe to the view that I am compelled
to pray for him.

I would rather save my prayers for the thousands of Audu Maikori’s of
this world who are suffering persecution and who are languisjing in
dingy cells all over our country for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

I would rather save my prayers for the souls and families of those that
have been cut short by the guns and bullets of government security
forces, the bombs of radical Islamic terrorists and the matchetes and
knives of the Fulani militias and herdsmen.

When the Holy Bible says we must pray for our leaders the author was
referring to God-fearing and Godly leaders and not usurpers and tyrants.

The Bible says we must ‘resist evil’ and few would dispute the fact that
with the economy in shambles, with the naira at its lowest value in its
entire history, with the level of impunity and corruption in government
and with the amount of brutal persecution, politically-motivated
arrests and prosecutions and the massive shedding of innocent blood that
goes on in our countrt today, Buhari and his Federal Government are
pure evil.

As a matter of fact they are a cursed government that have come to do
nothing but spread death, disease, poverty, tears, hardship, suffering,
division, hatred, persecution, injustice, destruction and wickedness.

To those that insist that even evil tyrants are worthy of our goodwill and prayers I put the following questions.

Would you have prayed for Herod, Pharaoh, Belshazzar, Nebuchadnezzar, Jezebel, Ahab, Athalia, Nimrod, Adolf Hitler or Idi Amin?

Again would you have had night vigils or made passionate supplications
for Emperor Bokassa, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, Nero, Caligula, Sennacherub,
King Leopold 11 of Belgium, Count Vlad the Impailer of Transylvania and
Tsar Ivan the Terrible of Russia?

Would you have conducted Holy Mass or rolled your rosary for Osama Bin
Ladin of Al Qaeda, Muhammed Al Baghdadi of ISIL, Abubakar Shekau of Boko
Haram or Usman Dan Fodio of the Fulani Caliphate?

Again would you have fasted and prayed for Atilla the Hun, Genghis Khan,
Kaiser Wilhelm 11 of Germany, the Inca and Aztec Kings of South
America, the Borgias of Spain, King Darius of Persia and so many more of
history’s monsters and beasts to remain alive and to continue to
torment and rule their people?

Do you know that those listed above collectively killed or caused the deaths of over 500 million people between them?

Do you really believe that they were God’s choices and that it was wrong to pray them out or remove them from power?

Did God make a mistake when He killed Pharaoh and slew Herod for their
wickedness and evil against the children of Israel AFTER their victims
rose up in prayer and cried to Him to deliver them?

Did you read anywhere in your Bible that the holy Prophets and believers
prayed for the wicked Kings and rulers to continue to rule?

Did Elijah not oppose Jezebel and did David and Samuel not renounce and stand against Saul?

Do you not know the difference between a righteous ruler whom God loves
and whom He installed and a blood-sucking demon and vicious tyrant whom
the devil is using?

Do you know the number of people this government has killed whether they
be Biafran and IPOB youths, Shiite Muslims or Christian refugees?

Do you know the number of Christians that are being slaughtered in the
north on a daily basis by Government-backed and protected Fulani
militias and herdsmen?

Do you know that Buhari shares some of the barbaric sentiments and evil goals and objectives of Boko Haram?

Do you know that he once said that an attack on Boko Haram is an attack
on the north? Do you know that he once said that he believes that sharia
should be spread throughout the federation?

Do you know thay he once said that Muslims should only vote for Muslims?
Do you know that he once said that Christians should not be concerned
about sharia because it is the limbs of Muslims that are being cut off
and not theirs?

Do you know that he once went to Oyo state and accused Governor Lam
Adesina’s “people” (meaning the Yoruba) of killing his own Fulani

Do you know that the Minister of Information of his Government, a serial
liar by the name of Lie Mohammed, once said that it was wrong and
unconstitutional to proscribe and ban Boko Haram?

Do you know that about one year ago the same Liar Mohammed said that
Boko Haram had been “technically defeated” and that a few days ago he
said that it was “a fallacy” to say that Muslims killed Christians in

This was after 808 Christians were slaughtered in cold blood on Christmas eve and Christmas day a few weeks ago.

Do you know that Buhari is the third Mahdi of Nigeria? The first was
Usman Dan Fodio, the second was Sir Ahmadu Bello and Muhammadu Buhari is
the third.

Do you know that their vision and dream is for the Fulani to be the
“first amongst equals” and to conquer, rule, dominate and subjugate the
people and numerous ethnic nationalities that make up Nigeria in
perpetuity and “dip the Koran in the Atlantic ocean?”

Do you know that they have gone very far in this quest and almost
achieved their objectives? Do you know that restructuring the nation or,
failing that, a complete break up of Nigeria into two or more pieces is
the only thing that can save the people of the south and the Middle
Belt from serfdom and slavery?

Do you know that Herbert Macauly, Bode Thomas, Obafemi Awolowo, Kaduna
Nzeogwu, Emmanuel Ifeajuna, Victor Banjo, Fajuyi, Emeka Odimegwu-Ojukwu,
J.S. Tarka, Isaac Boro, Solomon Lar, Josiah Olawoyin, Paul Gindiri,
J.D. Gomwalk, Silas Janfa,  Zamani Lekwot, T.Y. Danjuma, Jolly Tanko
Yusuf, Gideon Orkar, Ken Saro-Wiwa, Tony Nyiam, Saliba Mukoro, MKO
Abiola, Bobo Nwosisi, Franklin Atake, Alfred Rewane, Abraham Adesanya,
Ayo Adebanjo, Olaniyonu Ajayi, Bola Ige and so many others that saw this
satanic agenda coming and unfolding many decades and years ago and
resisted it with every fibre of their being have now been vindicated?

Do you know that the principle of self-deterimination and the concept of
Biafra and southern and Middle Belt liberation is more alive today than
ever before?

Do you know that there are millions of youths all over this country
today that are prepared to sacrifice their lives for this principle and
concept and resist ethnic and religious bigotry, subjugation, domination
and tyranny with the last drop of their blood?

Do you know that those that have been subjected to genocide by the usual
suspects for the last 56 years of our existence as a nation are now
saying “enough is enough?”

Do you know what northern Christians have been and are still being subjected to over the years and particularly today?

Do you know that Igbo youths and Shiite Muslims have been subjected to
crimes against humanity by the Nigerian state in the last one year and
seven months?

Do you know that Nigeria under President Buhari is a failed state which
lives on lies, thrives on deceit, breathes on persecution, feeds on
supression, energises on intimidation and is fuelled and propelled by
the most basic, crude and primitive form of Goebellian propaganda?

Do you know anything at all?  Do you know how many people are being
locked up and persecuted in the name of a fake and selective
anti-corruption war in this country?

Do you know the level of wickedness and injustice that is being perpetuated by this government?

Do you know how many families have suffered and been destroyed by them?
Do you know about the abuse of power and the gross violation of human
rights and civil liberties that is going on?

Do you know how corrupt and deceitful thiis government is? Do you know how much blood they have on their hands?

Then you say that we should pray and support such people? There is
nowhere in the Bible that we are called to pray for liars, cheats,
sadists, anti-Christs, cold-blooded murderers and pyschopaths as our

Rather the Bible says we must resist evil and injustice and stand up for
the weak, the persecuted, the hungry, the suffering, the vulnerable and
the poor.

There is no where in the Bible that we are enjoined to support and
encourage genocidal maniacs, the killer of believers, the tormenters of
the faithful, the persecutors of God’s servants and the destroyers of
the Church.

Nigeria has no place for quislings and psychophants that are trying to
curry favour with or impress those that are desperately trying to
enslave our people and islamise our country.

My position is simple and clear. I will never pray for those who I
consider to be evil and I will never allow myself to be subjugated,
silenced or turned into a second class citizen in my own country.

Whatever the consequence is for my defiance, if the Lord wills it, let
it come. Let us finish this thing once and for all. I would rather be a
free soul in heaven than a quivering and gutless slave on earth.

I speak for millions when I say that we will NEVER bow to those that
believe that they were born to rule and that seek to impose their faith,
their values and their way of life  on us.

Unlike others in these shores, those of us that are prepared to stand up
and say “no more” are captains of our ship and masters of our soul.

We either forge our own destinies, chart our own course and free our own
people or we shall die trying. God wills it. And so it shall be.