Photo: 23-Year Old Final Year Student Commits Suicide By Jumping Off A Bridge

A beautiful student at a top UK university has reportedly killed herself by jumping from a bridge leaving many people in shock.

final year student of the prestigious University of Bristol has taken
her own life by woman jumping from the city’s Clifton Suspension Bridge.

to Sun UK, Lara Nosiru, 23, was in her final year at the prestigious
University of Bristol when she took her own life, with the tragedy
sparking a review into student mental health issues.

She is the
fourth student from the university believed to have claimed her life
since September. Before her death, Nosiru was a neuroscience student.
Her body was found over the weekend after a two-hour search after
authorities received a report that a woman had jumped from the city’s
Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Other students of the university who
took their own lives include Daniel Green, 18, Kim Long, 18 and Miranda
Williams, 19. Before her death, Nosiru was a member of dancing groups in
Bristol, was originally from Essex and attended Ockenden School before
moving away for university.

The University of Bristol has now
said they have increased their student counselling provisions, as well
as working with other support groups.

A spokesperson for the
university said: “Sadly, we can confirm that one of our final year
students was found dead on Monday, January 30.

“The student’s next-of-kin have been informed, and our thoughts are with her family and friends at this difficult time.
welfare of our students and staff continues to be our highest priority
and it is distressing for all members of the university community that
one of our students has died.”

The university confirmed they had invested an additional £1million
per year into improving support for students, with a review to be
completed in the spring.

A spokesperson said:

“Following the three student deaths reported in the autumn term, we have increased our student counselling provision,.

“We are also working closely with the Samaritans and other experts to support the university community.
“We will continue to work with our students to improve our support for their well-being and mental health.”

The move comes after one of the students, Miranda Williams, from
Chichester, took her own life just three weeks into her first term.

She was studying philosophy and was a member of the Jazz Funk Soul Bristol society, with an inquest to take place this year.

Another of the students, Kim Long, died last week after writing a “loving” suicide letter to his parents.

18-year-old, from Penzance, Cornwall, was in his first year at the
university and had been studying law with an inquest into his death set
to resume later this year.

Last month, an inquest heard Daniel
Green killed himself in Bristol University’s Goldney Hall on October 21
last year after he broke up with his girlfriend.