My Take On The 2baba And The Protest – By Memo

A lot has been said about the “Enough Is Enough” protest but I have a few points to share. 2baba has been one of the few musicians that are using music as a tool to tackle or criticize the government and this is one of the values the late Fela stands for.

During Obasanjos regime he released a track titled ‘E be like say’ with soul E in the grass to grace album.

During Jonathan’s regime he released a song bring back our girls where he featured some African artists.

Before the last general elections he did another song vote not fight just to ensure a peaceful election.

Around May 2015 he blasted PDP for not achieving their goal in 16 years.

Now, he wants to lead a protest in a country where we no longer have activists, where we are missing the late Gani Fawehinmi, where the oshiomole and femi falana have compromised and the NLC has become a PLC and nobody is fighting for the masses.

Most artists envy Fela but they only copy him when it comes to women, wine and weed. When it comes to criticizing the government which was felas greatest strength they fail. We are all becoming selfish instead of being selfless, we are becoming naïve instead of being brave.

Some said he has collected money he’s worth it at least he’s fighting for the masses. Some said the solution is not in a protest I fully agree but don’t forget that through the protest our points will be noted.

I leave you to judge my points.

Written by memo
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