Mariah Carey Burns The $250,000 Wedding Dress She Planned To Wear On Her Wedding Day To James Packer

Singer Mariah Carey decided to ‘hurt’ her former fiancé , James Packer
by burning the $250,000 wedding dress she was going to wear on her
wedding day to him. James Packer who dumped Mariah Carey after he found
out that she was cheating on him with her dancer, bought the dress for
her after he got engaged to her with a $10m ring. In her music video, “I
Don’t” music vid … which features YG, Mariah threw the gown in the
fire pit.

According to TMZ, Sources close to her say it is the real Valentino
dress she was going to wear on the wedding day that was called off
by James Packer in Bora Bora.

Obviously, the wedding never happened but luckily the dress was still
laying around for the epic scene in the video. Makes sense the song’s a
breakup anthem.
The video was shot at the former couple’s mansion in Calabasas.
Some pee say she could have auctioned th dress and given the money from the sale to Charity.