I Wish I Was Not In Government – Ben Murray-Bruce

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce says he wished he wasn’t in government, saying
being a Senator has exposed him to many facts and figures that are quite
frustrating. Speaking to National Assembly correspondents in Abuja, Ben
Murray-Bruce, who is the senate committee chairman on privatization
expressed his frustrations at the failed privatization programme
initiated by the Obasanjo-administration.

“I wish I was not in government, I tell you the truth because when you
are in government, you know too much and when you know too much, you get
very very angry. When I was in the private sector, I didn’t have the
information I have today. I didn’t have access to budgets of ministries
and departments. Now that I have access to budgets of Ministries and
departments, there is no reason for Nigeria to be broke. We are broke on
purpose. We want to be broke”he said