Danfo Busses Operation Will End In 2017 – Governor Ambode

The Lagos State Governor, Akinwumi Amnode, has declared that before 2017 wrap up, he would have banished yellow-commercial buses operation in the state completely, though he did not give detail exact part of the year he would carried out his plan.

Ambode, spoke while delivering speech at 14th annual lecture of Centre for Value and Leadership held at MUSON Centre, Onikan, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, said that connectivity was a critical element for a mega city to work, which requires having mass transit system to move people from one point to another.

In his lecture, the governor said Lagos represented an example of a mega city with huge infrastructural gap, population growth, among others, adding that, the issues lying at the heart of urban policy making in any city, old or new, developed or developing included infrastructure, employment, population growth, economic sustainability and environmental viability.

According to him, there is classic urban challenges of overcrowding, unplanned and chaotic growth, insufficient provision of municipal services, from policing to healthcare to education to electricity and sewage, all of which are top of the agenda in many African cities.
“There is perhaps no better classic example of where these challenges of rapid urbanization come to life than in Lagos”.

He said: “It is estimated that 86 immigrants enter Lagos every hour –the highest in any city in the world – and they have no plans to leave. This is because Lagos has remained over time and most especially in the last decade, the most attractive destination for those who want to realise and live their Nigerian dream. This ever increasing population of the state however means that we have to be “on our toes” to provide facilities for this more than 23 million population”.