[Arrange Body] For A Better Youthful Life

Arrange Body
Arrange body is a campaign established in 2015 and dedicated to promoting young people’s health and productive adulthood. 
Arrange body advances this agenda by working with young people, youth serving organizations, government agencies and policy makers to; 

— Protect and promote young people’s sexual and reproductive health especially, increasing their ability to prevent early unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS and making informed choices about their sexuality, free of discrimination violence as well as developing competencies. 

— Incessant community awareness on challenges youth face so that policies and programs are put in place to effectively address these issues. 

Arrange body provides a stage to young people so they can have their voices heard on issues bothering about their sexual life. 

Our goal is to enable young people to live happy and healthy lives where they can avail of opportunities and build a bright future for themselves. 
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