Actress Toyin Abraham Changes Surname From Aimakhu To Abraham (See Why)

The beautiful Yoruba actress made the shocking revelation in a vlog interview while she was launching her YouTube channel,Toyin Abraham Tv.Toyin said said she felt kinda unwilling dropping the popular name ‘Aimakhu’ but she just had to concur with the decision of her family adding that her dad’s name is Abraham while that of her forefather was Aimakhu, It’s a family issue, it’s a family thing, it’s a family decision which I don’t wanna to discuss.’she said.

She said she had been told to change the name three years ago but she told her family ,the name was her brand but now they are persistent.This being the second time she would be embrace a new name since joining the Nigerian movie industry back in 2005.First it was Johnson she dropped back in 2015 and now this.

It’s just hard for her fans to adapt to the new name,just as it was for Fathia who people still call Balogun rather than her real name Williams after she and her ex-husband Saheed Balogun parted ways in 2012.