5 Ways To Know If You Are A Sex Addict

Sex addiction, just like other forms of addiction can be destructive. Addictions can be rightly said to be a form of disease that incapacitates its victims, rendering him/her helpless and at its mercy. Addiction is a brain disorder that makes the individual engage in compulsive acts despite the negative consequences it brings.

People who suffer from one form of addiction or the other often realize their need for help but are somehow unable to overcome their problem. Alcohol and drugs are the most well-known and common types of addiction.

Sex addiction is also a common but silent type of addiction. Often called some other name rather than addiction, sex addiction has taken root in our society whilst we ignore its existence, excuse it, and misunderstand it for something rather trivial.

There are signs and behavior patterns that indicate that someone is a sex addict. Here are some of them you should be aware of:

1. A sex addict thinks about sex compulsively and has an uncontrollable sexual urge. He/she is over preoccupied with sex and this negatively affects the individual’s life

2. Sex addiction is characterized by an inability to control sexual behavior

3. There are different forms of sex addiction which include: sexual fantasy, masturbation, pornography, exhibitionism, and masochistic behavior

4. Sexual addiction makes an individual to get sexually involved with people they barely know

5. Early exposure to sex, personality disorder, depression and anxiety problems could cause sex addiction

The effect of sex addiction on the brain is similar to other types of addiction – the brain’s reward system is influenced through dopamine.

Dopamine is released when a person satisfies a need or desire that is vital to survival or reproduction, causing the person to experience intense pleasure or euphoria. This in turn increases the desire of the individual to engage in the behavior regardless of its consequences.

Sex addiction necessitates the need for professional help. A psychologist, social worker or counsellor provides professional help for sex addicts. Sex addiction has adverse consequences. It often brings guilt, distress, self-hatred and emotional turmoil. If you can relate to any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to get help.