The Killer Midget And The Stunted Dwarf — Femi Fani-Kayode Jnr

This is an article written by Femi Fani Kayode Jnr. Please read on…

“Not a single soul has been prosecuted, let alone jailed for the
genocide in Southern Kaduna and you are blaming someone for preaching
self defense? You are INSANE. Yes, INSANE”- Olufemi Korode, Twitter,
24th January 2017.

Can anyone dispute the fact that Mr. Korode is
right? Are those that say that Christians should not defend themselves
or complain when they are being slaughtered not completely insane?

The truth is that had it not been for the fact that
eight more innocent and defenceless people were butchered by Fulani
militants in Samaru Kataf, Southern Kaduna on 17th January, that six
young students of the College of Education, Gidan Waya, Southern Kaduna
were massacred on 23rd January and that twenty innocent souls, including
women and children, were slaughtered by the same pack of beastly
savages in the village of Ohimini in Benue state on that same day I may
not have written this piece.

Yet I am constrained to do so
because the animals in human flesh and Islamist demons that are on the
rampage in Kaduna state and indeed all over the country have not
satisfied their lust for Christian blood and their carnage persists. As a
matter of fact the cancer is spreading.

When you add the thirty
four that were murdered in the last few days to the 808 innocent souls
that were killed by the same creatures on Christmas eve and Christmas
day you cannot come to any other conclusion than the fact that this is
genocide and that it is time to resist it.

Unfortunately some do
not wish to hear that. They would prefer the people of Southern Kaduna
to continue to be the sacrificial lambs that they have always been.
Permit me to share just one example of their mindset here.

reaction to the suggestion that the people of Southern Kaduna ought to
defend themselves from mass murder and genocide given the fact that the
state government has refused to protect them, Mallam Uba Sani, a four
foot dwarf and the political advisor to Kaduna state’s dimunitive
Midget-in-Chief, Governor Nasir El Rufai, wrote the following in Thisday
and a number of other newspapers:

”The greatest challenge to peace in Kaduna State now is the antics of
political jobbers and opportunists who have gone as low as spreading
hate speeches; telling communities in Kaduna State to “defend
themselves.” This, of course, is an unmistakable call on the people of
Kaduna State to procure arms and ammunitions and start killing
themselves. This is not just very low but extremely dangerous. This call
on the citizenry to take the laws into their own hands totally
undermines all on-going efforts to achieve lasting peace in Kaduna

These are strong words from the dwarf who appears to be expressing the
frustration, angst and cold rage of his employer, the Chief Midget.

Instead of showing remorse for their woeful failures and begging for
forgiveness for the oceans of innocent blood that has been shed under
their watch, the government of Kaduna State is lashing out at those of
us that have called them out and that are deeply concerned about the
annihilation and decimation of human life and sheer carnage that is
taking place in Southern Kaduna.

The dwarf pours scorn on the
suggestion that a man should protect his family, loved ones and home
from cold-blooded murderers who are attempting to maim and kill them.

He is suggesting that the people of Southern Kaduna should keep quiet,
fold their arms and happily welcome, with a warm smile, those that have
come to rape their wives, slaughter their children, burn their homes,
wipe out their faith and possess their land. Is that how to make Kaduna
great again?

Is that how to get back to the glorious days of
Abubakar ‘Dangiwa’ Umar, Ahmed Makarfi and Patrick Yakowa when Kaduna
state was presided over by men of substance and character.

that the way to get back to the days when Kaduna state was blessed with
kind and compassiomate governors who were balanced, mature, sensitive,
caring, gentle, cosmopolitan, inclusive and fair to all regardless of
faith, tribe or ethnic nationality?

Is that how to get back to
the peaceful days of Kaduna when those of us that play polo used to look
forward to going there to play a few chukkas at the annual Kaduna Polo

Is that how to get back to the days when Kaduna was one of the best places to live in or visit in the country?

I doubt it very much. The truth is that nothing could be more
insensitive, irresponsible, callous and utterly absurd than the dwarf’s
counsel and suggestion.

If that is the kind of advice that the
midget has been getting from his aides and advisors ever since he was
elected as governor one needs to look no further to know why he has
failed so woefully.

Under his watch Kaduna state has become more
divided than it has ever been in its entire history and the pungent
smell and rotten stench of fresh human blood and fly-infested bloated
corpses fills the air.

That is the shameful legacy that the midget and his dwarf are desperately trying to white-wash and defend.

Instead of going on their knees and begging God, the Christian
community, the Shiite Muslims and the Nigerian people for forgiveness
for what can, at best, be described as their irresponsible, incompetent
and criminally negligent behaviour and, at worse, their willfull and
premeditated attempt to wipe out, exterminate and cleanse the land of
the entire Christian community and every ethnic and religious minority
group in Southern Kaduna and Zaria, they are throwing bricks at their
perceived enemies and flying into childish tantrums.

The dwarf
spoke of “political jobbers” and “oppprtunists”. One wonders just who
they are? Again one wonders precisely what the “ongoing efforts to
achieve lasting peace in Kaduna” that he mentioned are given the fact
that his boss the midget does not appear to give a damn about the fact
that thousands of innocent and defenceless people, including women and
children, have been butchered during his watch and right under his nose.

At the end of 2015 over 1000 Shiite Muslims were slaughtered in cold
blood and buried in mass graves by the Nigerian Army in Zaria, Kaduna
state. Many Shiites have accused the midget of covertly playing a sordid
and questionable role in the whole affair and when one hears the facts
one cannot blame them.

For example is it true that it was he
that fingered Sheik Ibrahim El Zak Zaky, the Shiite leader, by phoning
him and ascertaining his whereabouts for the military before they
tracked him down, shelled, shot and murdered hundreds of his people in
the sanctity of their homes and proceeded to shoot him and his gentle
Yoruba wife in the eye and stomach before whisking them both away.

Since that time they have kept both husband and wife incommunicado and
in detention despite court orders to release them. One wonders what
efforts the midget has made to get them out?

One wonders why he,
a Sunni Muslim, hates the Shiite so much? One wonders why he has been
tormenting, arresting, persecuting, outlawing, proscribing and locking
them up ever since their leaders arrest even though they have never
sought to harm or attack anyone?

Another example of the sheer depravity of this man was provided approximately one month ago over the Christmas holiday.

On Christmas eve and Christmas day alone, according to the Christian
Association of Nigeria (CAN), no less that 808 Christians were killed by
the midget’s friends and brothers, the Fulani militia (aka herdsmen),
in Southern Kaduna.

The midget and his government provided
security and enforced a curfew in the Muslim areas of the state but they
refused to do the same for Southern Kaduna which is Christian.
Consequently the Fulani militia not only struck but they struck very
hard indeed leaving nothing but death and destruction in their path.

Evidently the Chief Midget and his government are more interested in
insulting, undermining, discrediting and threatening with arrest its
critics and those that have expressed outrage about what the people of
Southern Kaduna have been subjected to under his watch than in
protecting and saving innocent Christian lives.

One wonders why
he hates Christians so much to the extent that the only hospital in the
relevant Christian community was shut down by his government on the days
that the attacks took place in order to ensure that the wounded could
not be treated and that as many  Christians suffered casualties and died
as possible.

Is the midget not vicariously liable and
criminally culpable for those deaths even if he did not take part in the
attacks himself? What is the source of and reason for his hatred for
our Christian brothers and sisters? Are they not human beings as well?
Are they not worthy of life? Do they not deserve to be protected?

These questions must be answered whether they like it or not. Yet
instead of doing so they are spewing out more and more garbage by the

For example in his essay the midget’s dwarf went even
further by saying that “a Yoruba ex- Minister who should know better”
and who is “being sponsored” held a series of meetings in his Abuja home
with various delegations from Southern Kaduna where they planned how to
effect “a violent attack on others” in Kaduna state.

Though he
did not have the courage to mention the name of that Yoruba ex-Minister
it is obvious that the dwarf was referring to yours truly.

As a
rule I do not respond to hired help and the aides of public office
holders no matter how short they are because they are too small for me.
This is especially so when they are stunted not just in physical growth
but also in mental capacity.

When the midget himself dares to
open his mouth and talk rubbish I will give him the full measure of my
pen and tongue but I cannot bring myself to the very low level of
joining issues with a frustrated dwarf or any of the other hired guns of
an embittered and drowning midget.

What I will say to the dwarf
however is this. If it was me that he was accusing of having meetings
in my Abuja home with various delegations from Southern Kaduna he is
absolutely right.

I have many friends in and from Southern
Kaduna from both the Shiite Muslim and Christian community who deemed it
necessary to pay me a visit in Abuja over the Christmas holidays and
tell me about the genocide that they were being subjected to by the
Fulani Janjaweed terrorists and military forces, with the full support
and knowledge of the midget-in-chief.

I was proud to host them and I will continue to do so whether the little dwarf and his paymaster likes it or not.

I should also mention the fact that at no time did I discuss any
violent attack on the Fulani or anyone else in Kaduna state with any of
them though I told them plainly that if the government failed in its
duty to protect them they must go ahead and defend themselves.

That is my view and it will always be my view and I will continue to share it with whoever I deem fit.

For this counsel I have no apology. If it gives the midget governnor
and his little dwarf sleepless nights that the people of Southern Kaduna
will no longer sit back and allow their loved ones to be slaughtered by
their Fulani friends and kinsmen that is their problem. For all I care
they can go and hug a transformer or jump in the lagoon. (TO BE