Southern Kaduna Killings: Prove To Nigerians You ‘Belong To Everybody’ – Pastor Sarah Omakwu Tells Buhari

Senior Pastor of the Family Worship Centre, FWC, in Abuja, Sarah Omakwu, has reacted to the lingering killings of Christians in Southern Kaduna.

The incident which has continued to fuel mutual mistrust among the diverse ethnic and religious groups in the country, has made many to see Nigeria as a country sliding into fascism and official terrorism.

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari recently bowed to pressure after a long silence over the killings.

Buhari had ordered immediate
action aimed at ending the recurring acts of violence and
destruction in the Southern part of the state, but purportedly took action after he came under criticisms from different quarters over his handling of the crisis.

But dressed in black apparel and in a sober mood, Omakwu, an indigene of Kaduna state told her congregation on Sunday how she felt about the incessant killings and the president’s silence.

She said, “It is very sad when there is a form of ethnic wrestling in a country and the president will keep quiet. It is not right, it will not be right. I am not a politician and I don’t even know how to speak the political language but I will say what I know.

“I don’t have all the details and I tried not to have it but I clearly know, feel and believe that for one person, two pr three persons to die in FWC and I don’t say anything or show that I care, would not be right; let alone ten persons, 100, 1000 persons, women, children to be killed and a president keeps quiet?

“That cannot be right. It is not right,” she reinstated.

“It is not right to dispossess anybody of their rights. Christians and Muslims alike voted for Buhari and he said to us that he belongs to nobody but belongs to everybody.

“So, if you belong to everybody, Buhari! Move into action and prove to us what you meant by belonging to everybody.

“We are not happy. I choose my words very carefully but I must say I am disappointed.

“The idea of removing, cleaning out churches and mosques, wiping places, killing people and life goes on, is totally unacceptable. We the church of Jesus Christ say it is unacceptable,” she added.