Notorious Armed Robber Beaten To Death In Bayelsa (Graphic Photo)

A notorious armed robber who had been terrorizing the people of Twon-Brass community in Bayelsa State, met his doom after he was caught in the act and beaten to death by an angry mob.

According to a Facebook user, Sam Patrick Dogitimi, the deceased suspect who was popularly called Don D, was known for being a terror in the community, robbing his victims without pity and causing pains in many homes with his activities.

The lynched Don D

“In the early hours of today, it is ironical that while I was all awake reminiscing the last 365 days in retrospect, a fellow Brassian, the infamous kleptomaniac, Don D, was doing what he knew how to do best in Twon-Brass, robbing a shop.

It happened that he was caught in the act and was beaten mercilessly by the angry youths, including furious Abokis, who decided to take laws into their hands.

As I write, Don D is lifelessly lying in the Twon-Brass morgue, after he gave up the ghost, as a result of the beating and some of the culprits have been detained in the Brass Police Division Headquarters.”