No More Federal Fundings For International NGOs That Support Abortion – Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump on Monday signed a decree barring US
federal funding for foreign NGOs that support abortion, relaunching a
battle that has long divided Americans.

It comes just two days after women led a massive protest march in Washington to defend their rights, including to abortion.

decision to ban foreign aid to groups that lobby in support of abortion
rights is certain to deepen concern among already apprehensive US
family planning and women’s rights organizations.

Hoyer, a Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, sharply
criticized Trump for using his first week in office “to attack women’s

“It should be no surprise to the millions of women and
men who gathered in protest this weekend across the country –- and
around the world –- that Republicans are focused more on making it
harder for women to access health care than on the serious economic and
security challenges we face.”

The restrictions imposed Monday
prohibit foreign nongovernmental organizations that receive US family
planning assistance from using non-US funding to provide abortion
services, information, counseling or referrals and from engaging in
advocacy to promote abortion.

They were first put in place in 1984 by Republican president Ronald Reagan.

eliminated by Democratic president Bill Clinton, they were reinstalled
by his Republican successor George W. Bush, and annulled again after
Barack Obama took office.

Galvanized by Trump’s November 8
election, abortion opponents in states where Republicans hold power
moved swiftly last month to adopt draconian anti-abortion measures that
in some cases pose challenges to constitutional liberties.

new president, meanwhile, has pledged to nominate an anti-abortion
justice to the Supreme Court, which could lead to overturning Roe v.
Wade, the emblematic ruling that legalized abortion in the United States
in 1973.