Nigerian Singer Nikki Laoye Rejects Invitation to Trump’s Inaugural Concert

Nikki Laoye has revealed she received the invitation to Donald Trump’s Inaugural Concert held at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, ahead of the 58th Presidential Inauguration holding today. But the award-winning singer turned down the invitation for personal reasons and quickly came to social media to mock the president-elect.
Eh yaah! Sorry P.E Donald Trump, don’t think I can make it,” she captioned the screenshot of the invitation sent to her inbox. “Got an invite to the inagural concert happening today at the Lincoln Memorial. Thank for the invite anyways.
The singer did not state her reason for turning down the invitation, but many of her fans already deduced that she is anti-Trump presidency, like many people of colour resident in the United States.
But did she really miss a lot at the event?
Some of the singers who performed at the concert include Toby Keith3 Doors Down and Youtube stars, The Piano Guyswho performed One Direction‘s “What Makes You Beautiful.” 
The event got a lukewarm review on social media, unlike the feisty reception that ushered in Obama’s first and second administration. See some of the reactions online:

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Obama’s inaugural concert in 2009 vs. Trump’s Inaugural concert today. Tragic

Trump says he’s not sure if anyone else had inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial.

Obama had his inaugural concert there 8 years ago.

Barack Obama Inaugural Concert Attendance: 400,000

Donald Trump Inaugural Concert Attendance: 10,000


The Inaugural Concert should be a bipartisan celebration of national excellence. Trump has turned it into a poorly attended day of mourning.

Inaugural concert not well-attended. Low energy! Sad!

Pic via @SegravesNBC4

No, Nikki- you really didn’t miss much.