Justin Bieber Shaved His Head, Checkout New Look

Justin Bieber is back again, with short hair! He was spotted on January 19 rocking a haircut that was very familiar — side swept, long bangs like he had when he was 15!

The famous Bieber swoosh! Unfortunately, that length is no more! He stopped by a Wendy’s in Los Angeles with a pal, West Coast Customs owner Ryan Friedlinghaus, on January 23 with his new ‘do. He was spotted leaving the restaurant with a large drink.

Justin Bieber shaves head

Maybe Justin Bieber is trying to send a message to ex Selena Gomez with this more mature hair makeover. She was recently spotted kissing the singer The Weeknd, and Justin was heard telling paparazzi that he doesn’t listen to The Weeknd’s music because it’s “wack.” Yikes.