How To Annoy A Man During Sex

Despite your good intentions, you may still annoy your man with certain habits you put up during sex. In no particular order, here are some of the things that can put off a man, even after he seems primed for sex already.

• Do keep your underwear, especially pants and bra, very clean. No man likes to experience suffocating smell from that angle.

• Still on underwear, a grandmother-like underwear is a put off! How about trying sexy colours such as red, for instance? And how about matching your pants and bra! Matching undies are a turn-on any day!

• It can be really mean of you if you make me watch adult movies with you, and then refuse to have sex!

• Yes, I love you to stroke me down there, but I haven’t given you the licence to pull it off! So, handle my manhood gently.

• Any man anywhere hates his woman playing a dead starfish. So, don’t just lie there, leaving all the work for me. It’s absolutely unsexy!

• Tired? That’s a no-no word! When you tell me you are tired when I want to have sex, it makes me sad.

• Never ever fall asleep when we are having sex! I can’t even think of it!

• After sex, on the average, a man wants to fall asleep. Don’t take offence, because it’s natural!

• Oh, did you know that I’m human and may sometimes be unable to orgasm? Please, it has nothing to do with you; so, don’t complicate matters by thinking that I tried to punish you!

• For all it’s worth, don’t ever talk to me about your ex-boyfriend before, during or after sex. Why do I need to know how far you’ve gone?

• After sex, don’t run out of bed into the bathroom to clean up as if a truckload of thrash has just been poured on you, right?

Adapted from the Web