Chinese Restaurant Accused Of Serving Human Feet To Diners (Graphic)

A DISGUSTED waiter posted this gruesome picture of rotting HUMAN FEET claiming it was being served to customers in their Chinese restaurant.

The revolting image, posted on social media, appears to show two severed feet in a blue bowl in a kitchen.

It is claimed the incident happened at a restaurant in Padua, in northern Italy.

A Chinese merchant and two friends were reportedly given the human feet when they asked for the Chinese delicacy of bear paws, according to the unnamed waiter.

A horrified customer reported the incident to authorities after seeing the disturbing picture on social media.

Cops and food standards officials checked the restaurant but found no trace of bear’s meat there.

They reportedly uncovered a haul of 55 pounds of meat and frozen fish of doubtful origin, dirt and grease all over the refrigerators, on the floors and on the oven.