Buhari’s Junketing To US Gulped $1m Per Trip – Fayose

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose, has described the non-extension
of invitation to President Muhammadu Buhari to attend United States of
America President-Elect, Donald Trump’s inauguration as a clear signal
that Buhari does not enjoy international relevance any more.

 The governor, who said the 10 days vacation announced by the president
could be to cover up the embarrassment, after all efforts to secure
invitation to the inauguration failed, added that the development was a
very clear signal that Buhari’s government will not enjoy tangible
support from the new US government, adding that.

According to a statement signed by his Special Assistant on Public Communication and New Media, Mr.

Lere Olayinka, Fayose said “there is no doubt that Buhari is not in the
good books of the incoming US government,” arguing that Buhari’s
frequent visit to US during Obama administration and the romance was due
to the tacit support given to Buhari by Obama to win the 2015 election
with deception.

He said; “with Obama’s role in the emergence of President Buhari, it can
be said that he (Obama) is a member of the APC in the diaspora.” Fayose
continued; “There is more to it that in an important event like the
inauguration of a new US President, our president will be missing in

The governor wondered why the same Buhari, who was a regular visitor to
the US under Obama, is today not part of the historic inauguration of a
new administration.

 “No doubt, something is fundamentally wrong because if there is hope of
a future relationship between President Buhari and the new US
President, they would have been celebrating his inauguration and would
not have allowed Nigerians to hear any other news apart from Buhari
going to America.

 “Obviously, Buhari’s junketing to US that gulped $1 million per trip, has come to an inglorious end,” he said.

 The governor, who congratulated Trump for winning against all odds,
like he (Fayose) won his own election in Ekiti in 2014, appealed to the
new American president to do everything humanly possible to save Nigeria
from the wanton killings and horrid human rights abuses of the Buhari

. He enjoined Trump to use his good offices to look into the daily
killings in Nigeria particularly in Southern Kaduna where over 1,000
people were slaughtered like goats and buried in mass graves.

Fayose reiterated; “The Southern Kaduna killings is a clear case of
genocide that must be thoroughly investigated and unraveled. “

To make matters worse was the bombing of the Internally Displaced
Persons camp by the military in apparent desperation to cover up the
corruption and mismanagement of affairs in the camp.

 “We appeal to Trump to ensure that the voice of the opposition is not
silenced in this country.” Describing the emergence of Trump as the will
of God despite human gang up, Fayose said that the opposition in
Nigeria will work with the new American government.

 Fayose also cited the reckless disobedience to court orders; the
deliberate efforts to kill opposition and turn Nigeria into a one-party
state; the intolerance of this administration which is second to none,
victimization and hacking of opposition leaders’ telephone conversations
under the guise of anti-corruption war; the bastardization of
institutions of state such as the armed forces, INEC, Police, Department
of State Security, compromising of a section of the Judiciary, and
turning them all into jellies doing the bidding of the ruling party at
the snapping of fingers are other possible reasons why Buhari was not
invited to Trump’s inauguration.

 He implored the new American president to put international pressure on
the Buhari administration to restore true democracy to Nigeria.

“We however appreciate the non invitation of Buhari because that will
give him the much needed opportunity to face the problems he inflicted
on Nigeria, especially the IDP bombing, which left over 100 hapless
Nigerians dead,” he said.