5 Major Ways to Get TRUST Doing an Online Business in Nigeria

Trust is one of the most challenging things to earn and the easiest to break. When you’re first starting to build your brand, gaining the trust of your prospective new clients and keeping the trust of your current clients is life or death for your business.

When you add the extra dimension of building trust online, with a person you’ve never actually met or spoken with, establishing trust can be even more difficult. So what are some of the best ways to go about building trust? You might think it’s just a matter of having integrity, but there is a lot more to the complex relationship of trust than simply being honest when it comes to online business.  

In fact, honesty is something your clients implicitly expect, so you’ll have to go beyond that basic building block.

Here are 5 major ways you can gain more trust with your clients online.

1) Be straightforward
Nothing is more irritating than liking a product, Be really clear and transparent with your prospective clients about what you do, what you’re offering, how it works and what your cancellation or return policies are. All this information should be easy to find and navigate to and shouldn’t catch a first-time client by surprise. Those nasty surprises will the quickest way to lose credibility.


2) Fix problems immediately
If a client has a problem with your product or service, fix it without delay. You don’t have to be perfect in business to be successful, but you do have to be honest and responsive.
Ordering a product or service online can be scary the first time. If someone purchases from you and then has a problem, but can’t find a way to reach you or doesn’t get a response, that is a trust breach.

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3) Try a video
People believe so much in what they see. A great way to give your customers a reason to trust you and get to know you without actually being in front of them is to record video. Instead of just recording a welcome video, answer common questions or in some way frame up your expertise to help your potential website visitors and viewers. This gives you a chance to showcase your knowledge and personality while giving online visitors an opportunity to get closer to you.

make a video

4) Add testimonials
People want to know that other people have worked with you. Of course, everyone understands you aren’t going to post bad reviews on your own site, but if well known or respected people in your community and industry are vouching for you, that goes a long way to add credibility to you and your business.

5) Post credentials
Utilize any credentials you have to help boost trust. Are you a member of any local community organizations? Do you belong to any professional organizations? Does your business require or recommend you be licensed, bonded or insured? All those credentials help assure a potential client that you’re verified, vetted and can be trusted.

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