3 Teenagers Arrested For Stealing N210,000 From People’s Bank Accounts

Three teenagers identified have been arrested for stealing N210,000 from people’s bank accounts in Edo State.

The teenagers – Theophilus Okoh, Louis Odedamen and Lucky David – were
said to have specialized in transferring money from people’s accounts
especially from a first generation banks while helping the victims with
SIM registration.

Theophilus spoke while being paraded alongside 24 other suspects who were arrested for armed robbery, cultism and kidnapping.

He said all they need to do was to dial *894# to get money out of anybody’s account in a first generation bank.

He said, “We were arrested because we transfer people’s money to our
account. We have successfully transferred N210,000 from three different
persons’ accounts before we were arrested. We did not hack into their
account.“By dialing *894* the amount will go to the account number you
want to transfer money to. We got access to their account numbers during
SIM registration. We also register SIM cards. It was one man that we
transferred N10,000 from his account that got us arrested. When his wife
caught up with us, we admitted and he arrested us so that he could
retrieve his money.”

Lucky said they started the crime on December 31 last year after their landlord chased them out of the house.

The state Police Commissioner, Haliru Gwandu, said the police would not
condone any form of cybercrime including bloggers who engaged in
campaign of calumny in the state.

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