2017 Prophecies: Wealth Will Return To Nigeria — Prophet Omitade

Prophet James Olatunji Omitade, a cleric, whose mission of salvation and liberation of lost souls has its base at Holy Trinity Authority Prophetic Church in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital, shares his prophecies for 2017 with SAM Nwaoko.

Prophet Omitade had revealed some prophecies in December 2015, among which he said would be “a schism in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) that would lead to the formation of a new party.” At that time, he had also charged the government of President Muhammadu Buhari to seek divine help.

“The Federal Government should organise prayers so that its efforts to turn things round in the country would not go the other way round. The Federal Government needs even more prayers to avert a division or disparity within the machinery of the government in 2016. There’s going to be disparity and division in the All Progressives Congress (APC) in which some of its members would leave it to form another formidable political party in alliance with some PDP members.”

Again, during the celebration of the church’s annual anniversary in 2016, Prophet Omitade came out with another set of predictions for 2017. According to the cleric, “for the unbelievers, the corrupt and the unrighteous, 2017 and two subsequent years would be a sample of hell on earth.”

He added that “even when they are rich and have a lot of acolytes and labourers, they will have their means reduced to nothing if they remain on the path of unrighteousness.”

Omitade said God revealed to him that “while the unrighteous would come under His wrath, God would lift the lowly and raise them to wealth as this is a year of vengeance.”

For the country, Omitade said: “God wants Nigeria’s past leaders to pray and seek forgiveness so that He will not manage their lives and those of members of their families the way they had managed the affairs of this country. If they are not fervent in their prayers, the hand of God in vengeance as already stated in earlier revelations, will come into effect on their lives. God is set to take those things they cherish most from them if they fail to surrender ill-gotten wealth to the masses because the pains and cries of the righteous, who are poor in the country, have reached God.”

For President Buhari, Prophet Omitade said it was revealed to him thus: “Buhari should narrow the journey of his government to four years. He should literally race in 2017. If for anything he wants to prolong his government, he will not succeed and he will not have a place of honour. He should strictly not bother to re-contest after his tenure so that he would have more time to enjoy his life after government. He must nip any protest against his government at any level in the bud swiftly so that it wouldn’t snowball into unpleasant consequences for his government. The president must be forthright in his handling of such affairs, otherwise it could cause crises in the country.”

Omitade predicted that in 2017, the weather would be favourable for agriculture but held that Niger-Delta, South-East, North-East and North-Central states of the country “should pray fervently to avert flood.”

He also predicted that foreign investors would return in large numbers to Nigeria in the New Year, positing that “they would reap abundant rewards from the economy of Nigeria while at the same time help the Nigerian economy to improve. Simply put, wealth is coming back to Nigeria. However, there would be an increase in some form of health challenges in 2017.

Omitade said Nigerians must not lose hope in the economy and added that the time had come for people to turn to God and His word rather than resting their belief in their pastors and prophets.

“The anger of God will descend on people who repose their trust in their prophets and priests rather than God. They should desist and turn to God. God is not happy that His people now surrender to Satan rather than fight him,” Omitade stated.