19-Year-Old Smuggled Abroad Inside a Suitcase [Photos]

A Moroccan woman was been arrested for trying to smuggle a 19-year-old migrant from Gabon across the border with Spain, inside a suitcase. The woman was arrested by the the Spanish Civil Guard in Ceuta, on December 30.

Dozens of migrants made it to the top of the 6 metre barbed wire fence in the early hours before being lifted down by cranes, footage from local TV station Faro TV showed.

Only two people were allowed into Ceuta to be taken to hospital while the rest were returned to Morocco, the Spanish government said in a statement.

Five Spanish police and 50 from Morocco were injured, the government added, after migrants used rocks and metal bars to try and break through gates to access the fence and clashed with authorities.

Spain’s two enclaves in Morocco, Ceuta and Melilla, are often used as entry points into Europe for African migrants, who either climb over their border fences or try to swim along the coast.

The incident involving the migrant in the suitcase comes a month after a four-week-old baby almost suffocated after being smuggled in a sports bag across the same border.

The baby vomited over an officer when it was lifted out the bag which had been sealed by a zip in the humid conditions. Last year an eight-year-old boy, Abou, from Ivory Coast, was also smuggled into Ceuta inside a suitcase.

Source: Daily Mail