11 Things Unsuccessful People Do Over The Weekend

Everybody’s working for the weekend, but how you spend your two days off may say something about how successful you are.

What you get up to doesn’t really matter, per se. If you
prefer lounging around the house to spontaneous adventures, that’s
great! You probably need that time to wind down.
When it comes to weekends, the main thing that separates successful people from unsuccessful people is mindfulness.

Are you planning ahead and truly thinking about how to spend your free time?
Here are 11 things that unsuccessful people tend to do over the weekend — and why to avoid them:

They don’t have a plan
Not every minute of every hour of your weekend needs to be
planned out, but it’s good to have a general idea of what you’d like to
do or get done — even if you’re just scheduling downtime.
That will allow you protect your time, and maybe even schedule in some fun events.

They don’t make time for loved ones
It can be hard to make time for the ones you care about during the hectic week. Make up for that over the weekend.

They let technology take over
Put away your phone. Shut off your work email — and make it
clear to your coworkers that you won’t be responding. Don’t get addicted
to technology.

They don’t enjoy themselves
Whether you’re unwinding alone or going out with friends, make sure to do something that makes you happy during your time off.

They sleep the entire time
Maybe you drank too much on Friday and are recovering. Maybe
you’re just super tired. Either way, this could really mess up your
sleep cycle, and you probably need to fix that.

They rack up expenses
You pinch pennies all week, and then blow it all over the weekend.
Heck, you should treat yourself every once in a while. That
being said, if you’re overspending on the weekends on frivolities that
you don’t need, then it’s time to consider some cheap but fun options,
like staycations or free local events.
They don’t reflect
During your busy week, it can be difficult to snag some time
to just think about your life and goals. It’s important to check in
with yourself every once in a while.

They can’t stop thinking about work
On Fridays, it’s a great idea to set out an agenda for the
next Monday. Being prepared is great; being a workaholic is not. Kick
back and relax a bit on Saturday and Sunday!

They laze around and regret it
Chilling out over the weekend can definitely be a great way
to unwind. But if your slothfulness is making you bored or bummed out —
or causing you to neglect important errands and chores — then you may
want to rethink how you spend your Saturdays and Sundays.

They don’t relax
At the other end of the spectrum are people who pack too much into their weekend schedule.
In order to be productive, and therefore successful at work,
it’s important to use the weekend to recharge your batteries. If your
weekends include zero downtime, then you’ll never feel rested or
refreshed, which can be detrimental to your success.

They don’t prepare for the week ahead

Sunday nights are the perfect time to plan for the week
ahead. You can make a to-do list, update or review your calendar, or
just think about what it is you’d like to accomplish in the coming days.
Unsuccessful people fail to do any of the above.