Video: Not Everything Is Ass They Used To Be… ~ Ali Baba

As shared by the veteran comedian, Ali Baba on his Instagram page . . .

You must not be carried away by things, asscertain the originality of facts. Assets can be assumptions. Usually I would not post this… but there must be a reason for anyone to go to this extent. You must be TOTALLY CONVINCED BEYOND DOUBT THAT ALL MEN WANT A BIG BEHIND.

Why do you think enhancing yourself will make anyone love you better? Or apreciate you better? Forget all that it makes me feel good about myself crap. You have not heard of guys who have left Serena Williams? Left Nikki Minaj sef? Or is it about being yellow? You can bleach and tone all you want, if the core of that relationship can’t hold the guy down core-le-work. It goes beyond your breast size. Beyond the make up. Beyond the outfits. Beyond accessories. Beyond your accents. Beyond the money you have.

Let me even shock you… (maybe it won’t shock you sef)… if you like get pregnant for him, if you failed to connect, it will not make him like you one ounce more. The bottom line is be as original as you can be. Listen to what matters to the person you are with. And if by the way, the asset is all that matters to him, you can bet that the day he finds a better one he would be gone. Appeal to his essence. Let your value proposition not be that of a trophy wife.

Or inclusively, let what he uses to brag about you not be “my babe is finer than yours” “my woman has the biggest behind” “my babe has boobs to die for”… let it be my woman trusts me, my girl loves me to death, my woman listens to me, mine can’t do that, I need to run it by my babe first. And that said… this goes both ways. Broad shoulders, pointed nose, 6ft plus, GQ status, perfect diction, awesome biceps and 6 packs won’t count when the chips are down, when it comes to responsibilities, trust, respect, romance, exclusive breast feeding ?… and other core ingredients in a relationship.

Let’s be honest, look around, you must know someone who has what you are getting enhancement for, that did not succeed in using to hold a man or woman down. Even some people who were as real as the truth, still can not hold some people down. So let’s just be real. Be yourself and be happy. See the video below . . .

A video posted by Ali Baba (@alibabagcfr) on Dec 16, 2016 at 12:15am PST