Police Make 50 Arrests After Raid On Nigerian Drug Ring In Vienna, Austria

Police in Vienna on Thursday, December 29th, arrested 50 people in
connection with a Nigerian drug ring which operated in the Austrian
Investigators said they had been on the trail of the gang for the past
three years, and that in that time it has netted a profit of over €6
million. 21 kilos of illegal drugs, mainly cocaine and heroin, were
seized during the raids.

However, police told a press conference on Friday
that the gang would probably cut the drugs with other substances to
increase the amount that could be sold on the street to around 100
The drugs were mainly sold in Vienna by Nigerian dealers. Detective
Georg Rabensteiner said that 100 kilos of drugs would “cover” demand in
Vienna for a few months.

Police first became aware of the gang’s existence at the end of 2012,
when a Nigerian man was caught smuggling €250,000 in cash hidden within
cars which were brought from Vienna to Nigeria. An investigation
revealed that the money came from drug trafficking. Gang members
regularly sent over large amounts of drugs to Austria via ten people who
acted as drug mules.

The couriers would swallow between one and one and a half kilograms of
drugs, which were then sold in Vienna. Police said that the cocaine and
heroin which was seized was 80 percent pure.