Photos: Couple Kill Pregnant Mum As They Tried To Cut Baby From Her Belly

 A married couple who couldn’t have children allegedly kidnapped a
pregnant mum and cut the baby from her belly – killing them both.

Police believe Thaina da Silva Pinto, 21, and husband Fabio Luiz Lima
abducted 22-year-old Rayanni Christini Costa and planned to remove her
baby with a knife to keep for themselves.
But the infant and mum both died as the couple cut through the woman’s belly, according to police.
The chilling moment the mum-to-be first met her alleged killer before being lured to her death was captured on CCTV .

Investigators yesterday found the charred bodies of what they believe
are Ms Costa, who disappeared two weeks ago, and her baby in the garden
of the couple’s home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Pinto, who has been married to Lima for three years, had reportedly
convinced friends and family that she was pregnant with a girl after
posting pictures on social networking sites showing her with an enlarged
In one Facebook post she published photos of baby clothes under the caption: “Come soon my princess!”
But in reality Pinton, who was desperate for her own baby, had been told
by doctors that she couldn’t have children because of cysts on her
Police discovered she had made contact with other poor, young mothers in
Rio de Janeiro after joining WhatsApp groups for people wanting to
donate baby items, such as clothes, nappies and toys.
Pinto, who used the name Lidia in the groups, would say she had a
daughter herself, was a churchgoer and had clothes and a baby stroller
to donate.She had arranged to meet some of the other women too, but had
always cancelled after finding out they would be coming accompanied by
friends – frustrating the couple’s alleged plans.
Single mother Ms Costa, however, left her home in the Bangu area of the
city on her own on December 13 after dropping off her three-year-old
daughter at the creche, saying she was going to collect donations for
her baby.
After meeting Pinto at the Central do Brasil train station in Rio, she
convinced her to accompany her back to her home, where husband Lima was
waiting, it is alleged.
Police believe that, after cutting through Ms Costa’s belly, the couple
discovered that Ms Costa was only seven months pregnant, not eight and a
half as she had told them.
Police chief Elen Souto, from Rio’s Department of Missing Persons, said a
knife was found in the home and there were pools of blood in several
Pinto and Lima are under arrest accused of double homicide and concealment of corpses.
Daily Mirror