Halle Berry And Olivier Martinez Finalize Divorce

 Actress Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are officially divorced
after 2 years of marriage. Halle Berry and Olivier filed for
divorce days within each other in October 2015 with each of them filing
as the petitioner for the divorce. Under California law only one person
can be the petitioner. Olivier agreed to give Halle the honor to be the
petitioner which means she divorced him not the other way round.

They both agreed to share physical and legal custody of 3-year-old son Maceo.
But they haven’t been able to reach an agreement on how to share their properties even though there was a prenup involved.
Halle and Olivier got married in 2013.
This was Halle’s third marriage and Olivier’s first marriage.

The pair have remained friends since the breakup, sharing time with
Maceo and Nahla, Halle Berry’s 8 year old daughter with ex-boyfriend
Gabriel Aubry.

They even went on a family vacation together in March.