Cleric Impregnates 16-yr-old Daughter In Ondo (Photo)

A 16-year-old girl (names withheld) is allegedly carrying a
seven-month-old pregnancy for her 56 years old father, Prophet Taiwo
Oluboyode, in Odode, Idanre area of Ondo State.
Vanguard gathered that the suspect, who owns a white garment church and
currently in police custody, allegedly informed his interrogators that
he was tempted by the devil to commit the act.
However, people in the agrarian community, who spoke with Vanguard, are
of the opinion that the cleric must have carried out the act “to renew
his spiritual power.” 
Findings in the town showed that the cleric is popular and his church,
located at Oke-Ijebu Street, Odode, Idanre, always records high traffic
of miracle-seeking worshippers from far and near on a regular basis.
Sources close to the church revealed that the prophet is a specialist in
bathing women in streams to ward off evil spirits and those tormented
by spiritual husbands, who prevent them from getting married or having
Reports had it that the prophet lives alone with her daughter after the
wife left him years back. It was learned that efforts by the estranged
wife to take her daughter along with her were rebuffed by the suspect,
who insisted he needed her around to run errands and take care of him in
the interim.
 A family source hinted that the suspect had refused to remarry after
the wife left and had preferred sleeping with his daughter instead. It
was unclear if the victim raised any alarm over her defilement by her
father, but neighbours said that the girl was always keeping to
Vanguard learned that the victim stopped going to school when signs that
she is pregnant was becoming evident. Her school mates, who came to the
house to ask after her, were informed by the father that she had
travelled to Lagos to continue her studies.
 It was gathered from police source that when the victim took in and
informed the suspect, he allegedly gave her some concoctions to
terminate the pregnancy. The attempt, it was learned, failed. 
The suspect, according to a source, contemplated smuggling the victim
out of the house to a private clinic, but she refused and threatened to
raise alarm. The suspect then instructed the victim to stay indoors to
avoid suspicion from church members and their neighbours. It was
revealed that one of the neighbours, who saw the girl with a protruding
stomach, raised the alarm. Police laid ambush and arrested the suspect
when he returned home. Detectives informed Vanguard that the only words
uttered by the suspect was “it was temptation and the work of the
 The church is presently under lock and key, ýwhile other leaders and
members of the church have gone underground for fear of arrest. Police
spokesperson, Femi Joseph, promised to get the details from the DPO in
Idanre, but had not done so at press time. However, police detectives at
Ala Police Station in Akure, confirmed that the cleric had been
arrested and would soon be prosecuted.