Christian Rapper Sentenced To 18 Years For Killing His Producer

An aspiring Christian rap artist has been sentenced to 30 years in
prison with 12 years suspended after he was convicted of killing his
music producer in September. 
Ryan Salandy, 26, grew angry after hiring William McDaniel, 25, to burn 150 CDs.
According to the  Gloal Grind,Salandy paid McDaniel $300. However, a
dispute over the work arose. Cellphone records show that on Sept. 24,
2015, Salandy sent McDaniel at least three text messages that clearly
conveyed a mounting level of animosity.
In the text messages sent to McDaniel, Salandy goes as far as to say “We’re gonna see each other some day bitch boy. U better get me my shit before it’s too late.” Then on Facebook, Salandy wrote “When you see me, run.”
 In the early afternoon of Sept. 25, 2015, Salandy drove to McDaniel’s
Clarksburg neighborhood. They had an explosive verbal argument. Police
say Salandy then got into his silver Saab sedan, rounded the block, hit
the gas and plowed right into McDaniel. 
Salandy never hit his breaks and the impact reportedly broke every bone in both the music producer’s legs.

 “Investigators determined that Salandy was traveling between 37 and 49
miles per hour at the moment of impact, never braking, swerving, calling
911 or stopping to check on McDaniel’s injuries. The intensity of the
collision broke every bone in both of McDaniel’s legs. His boots flung
off his body. The 6-foot-3, 300-pound music producer rolled over the
hood of the car and then catapulted through the air, ultimately falling
onto the pavement, dead.”