46-Year-Old School Supervisor Arrested For ‘Defiling’ 2 Year Old Pupil (Photo)

A 46-year-old school supervisor,  Adegboyega Adenekan, has been arrested
by the police for allegedly defiling a 34 months old girl.
Adenekan, a supervisor in Chrisland International School in Victoria
Garden City (VGC) Lagos, was alleged to have defiled the girl under the
guise of teaching her sex education.
Commissioner of Police Fatai Owoseni, who paraded Adenekan yesterday at
the command’s Ikeja headquarters, said the suspect was arrested
following a complaint by the victim’s mother at the Ikeja Police
He claimed that preliminary investigation showed that the pastor defiled
the girl, stressing that the suspect would be charged to court.
Adenekan said he got a call from the pupil’s mother accusing him of defiling her daughter.
The suspect denied committing the crime saying: 

“I am a teacher from that school; what happened was that on Friday,
 November 11, I got a call around 8am from one woman and she identified
herself as the mother of pupil. She alleged on the phone that I sexually
abused her daughter. I then asked her, when, where did it happened, but
after all said and done, she said, I want it between the two of us and I
have not even told my husband. So when she dropped, I was disturbed. 

Few minutes after that, she sent a text message to me telling me that
she still wants me to remain friendly with her daughter because she knew
her daughter holds me in high esteem. She said I should still be a
friend to her and all that. I must tell you that I wasn’t myself
throughout that day. Again, I got a call the following day, from a man
who identified himself . It was an international call. The man also said
that I assaulted his daughter sexually and I said, I don’t know what
you are talking about, that even yesterday, your wife called me and said
the same thing. 

And I said, when could this happen in a nursery school where no one
picks the children except the parents. You walk into the class and pick
the child. I don’t know. I have never been alone with this girl, I have
never bought any gift for her, and I had never taken her out anywhere. I
was so shocked and the man ended the call when I told him all these.
And immediately I called my head teacher, Mrs. Azike and I said Ma, this
is the allegation I got from this parent which I knew nothing about.

“I want the police to do their investigation. I am ready to submit
myself for investigation. I was told the girl is two years and ten
months old.  I know God will vindicate me. I am married for 15 years
with children.  The teacher of the girl is saying that nothing of such
happened and that the girl never left her custody. This girl comes to
school with school bus, from what I have heard, and then goes with her
school bus. I am a supervisor in that school. I don’t teach. So the
allegation that I teach the children sex education is so disturbing to
me. I have never taught that girl, I have never taught in that class.
She said she took the girl to one private hospital and it was confirmed
that the girl was abused. I was told that I failed the lie detector test
which I willingly made myself available for but I never heard of such a
thing before. It was after that that I went online to research about
polygraph. Before we got there, she first of all went there and paid for
the test. She did all the arrangement before us and I failed the test.”

The Nation