TV Presenter Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction On Live TV ( + Photos)

Spanish TV presenter, Tania Llasera, was recently embarrassed on live TV
after she suffered a serious unfortunate wardrobe malfunction which
resulted to her boobs being exposed while on set.

This happened as Tania who was struggling to attach a mic pack to the back of her dress, failed doing so.

While desperately trying to fix the situation, she
asked one of the show’s female contestants for help, and while they were
at it, the presenter who was not wearing a bra at the moment mistakenly
had her dress skid off her chest exposing everything live.

According to reports, despite the humiliating incident, producers of the
Spanish game show did not cut the scene out, but allowed it on

However, Tania who didn’t know what to do at that moment, was forced to
turn her back away from the cameras to protect her modesty as she worked
off set.

 More pictures below…