Presidential Aircraft Crashes A Month After Handover To Nigerian Air Force

Barely two months after the presidency handed over two aircraft in the Presidential fleet to the Nigerian Air Force, investigation has revealed that one of the ballistics defence capable aircraft has been seemingly, poorly managed and crashed at the Nigerian Air Force base, Makurdi. gathered from a top, reliable source that one of the aircraft, Agusta AW 101, a medium-lift helicopter specially designed for military operations, got crashed less than a month after the Nigerian Air Force took delivery of it from the presidency, due to poor training of crew members saddled to man the operations of the aircraft.

When contacted, the Nigerian Air Force, P.R.O., Group Captain Dele Famuyiwa, denied the report that one of the aircraft crashed.

In a telephone conversation, Famuyiwa said that the aircraft was not involved in a crash but an incidence of little effect.

“It was not a crash. I wouldn’t call it a crash because it just fell on the ground in Makurdi.”

“I can say maybe it was an incident. You know accident is a higher degree of incidence. It was just an occurrence that did not take any life or equipment. Cars can malfunction and the same thing with any machine.”

Famuyiwa said that the incidence was not in away a result of low training and skill of crew member as the same crew which managed the aircraft at the presidency still manage the aircraft at the air force base.

However, pictures obtained and information gathered, revealed that the aircraft was in a damaged position.

Aircraft Air Force Nigeria

He confirmed that the aircraft have since been repainted from the initial white and green to camouflage.

Asked about the status of the aircraft and the number of persons affected by the crash, our source revealed that although the damages were significant, no life was lost to the crash.

“No fatality but significant damage to aircraft considering the fact that they hardly do insurance in the military.”

“The flight engineer was injured.”