Nigeria Defence Academy Wrongfully Withdraw 30 Cadets Of 68RC

The NDA withdraw over 30 cadets in the so called best military academy in Africa as a result of unorganized administration .

The Withdrawer of the cadets was caused by an increase in the blood pressure of the cadets which was framed due to their hidden plans,in which the blood pressure was examined immediately after a massive punishment (hunching,pinning of head,forward roll etc) three days after resumption ,NDA as a reputable institution should no that the increase in blood pressure was caused as a result of the civilian nature trying to adapt to the training in the first week of resumption,asides that some of the withdrawn cadets were not tested for malaria,fever or any health issue that could trigger such occurrence.

The academy conducted series of test before admitting the cadets and they acknowledged them fit for the job,after series of interview,expenses travelling,admission etc

The terrifying part was that after the cadets has been getting adapted to the military training close to 2months without any casualty on the withdrawn cadets the commandant ordered them to be withdrawn,despite the review was conducted on two different occasion and certified them fit,
The cause of the Withdrawer may be due to political reasons ,may be as a result of the candidates of the commandants and some top generals are in the reserve list,it might be because of the pressure that was on the academy over the loss of two cadets that was maliciously beaten to death in which proper action as not been taken e.t.c

The cadets are hoping to be called back to the academy because review has been done for the withdrawn cadets at the academy and all was recorded normal on two occasions…

Please help rebroadcast this because Nigerians are been cheated ,blood pressure is not static.

Moreover the cadets has signed the parent or guardian consent form.

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Sent to us by one of the Victim @Yonden