Mariah Carey Reacts To Nick Cannon’s Baby With Ex-Girlfriend Brittany Bell

Mariah Carey’s ex-husband Nick Cannon recently revealed that he is having a baby with his ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell, who is a beauty pageant winner. She was crowned Miss Guam Universe in 2014 and was a former dancer for the Phoenix Suns.

Mariah Carey recently broke up with her billionaire boyfriend James Packer and Nick has been linked to Chilli from TLC, former girlfriend Christina Milian, and Jessica White. However, the America’s Got Talent host has not confirmed these relationships and is focusing on encouraging young people to get an education and use their voice. Nick stated that Mariah Carey is the last relationship he was in and the rest of the women he has been linked to are just rumors.

In an interview with Extra, Mariah Carey reacted to the baby news that her ex-husband is having a child with Brittany Bell. The talented vocalist reveals that Nick was not exactly forthcoming about the baby news and she will always support him.
“I’ll always be supportive of him… and this is all news to me, ’cause I didn’t know about this till maybe last week. I asked him a question and then he kinda said yes, but didn’t, and I’m like, it’s kinda confirmed… If he’s happy that’s great.”

Nick Cannon explained why he didn’t vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The comedian and rapper explained that neither candidate is going to help African-Americans.
“Picking out of these candidates was like choosing which gun you want to get shot with,” he said. “It’s the same system, pick your oppressor. You can’t vote your way out of oppression.”