Late Billionaire Antonino Fernandez Willed $2m To ‘Every’ Resident Of His Village

Antonino Fernández, who died aged 98 in August 2016, left £169m in his
will to the 80 residents of his birthplace – the small village of
Cerezales del Condado in north west Spain. He left £2m in his will to
each resident and basically made them millionaires overnight.

born into a family made up of 13 children, emigrated to Mexico in 1949,
when he was 32. He went on to become the CEO of Grupo Modelo, the
brewery company who make Corona beer – a bottled beer in the United
States, with annual sales of $693million (£556million).

was a well-known philanthropist who never forgot his motherland and was
honoured by the former King of Spain, Juan Carlos, for his charitable
deeds, including his work with disabled young people.