Jungle Justice: Mob Drags Alleged Paedophile Out Of Police Cell, Hang Him On Tree

In Reyes, Bolivia, an alleged paedophile accused of raping and killing a four-year-old girl was dragged out of his cell and killed by hanging. A video taken at the scene shows how an angry mob stormed the police station where he was being held, forced their way in, dragged him along the street and then hanged him from a tree.

What led to this drastic act of Jungle Justice?  The four year old girl went missing while visiting the area with her parents for her grandmother’s funeral. Her body was later found but investigators revealed that she had been raped and murdered.

Hours after the body was recovered, police arrested a suspect. Angry locals in the area however refused to wait for more investigations to hold or a court case to determine whether he was innocent or guilty. They all stormed the station, forced open the bars of the jail and dragged him out onto the streets. Police officers were outnumbered and could not do anything to stop the public lynching. The mob hung him on a tree minutes later.

So far, nobody has been arrested for the lynching, but the police are currently investigating the case.