Jealousy: Adamawa State Polytechnic Student Slits Girlfriend’s Throat [Graphic]

The shocking images of an Adamawa State Polytechnic student whose throat was slit by her boyfriend has just surfaced online.
According to the eyewitness who shared the story, an altercation broke out between the lady and her partner last night after she was dropped off at school by an unknown person. An argument started between the two students and before other students could intervene, he whipped out a knife, slit her throat, mutilated her body and face, before he was subdued.
The lady was rushed to a hospital at the state’s capital where she has been stabilised, while the male student is in police custody.
Read the eyewitness account:
“[The male partner] had called Witness severally on the phone. but to no avail as she did not pick or return his calls, thus enraging him. He later saw her alighting from another man’s vehicle and engaged her in a heated argument, regarding her whereabouts.
Passersby familiar with them, reportedly knew it was common place for them to have such verbal exchange, thus ignored them. Things, however, took a turn for the worse when the man pulled out a knife and slit her throat. Her screams for help attracted people who helped fight her lover off, but he had inflicted much wounds both on her throat and face. Witness was rushed to the hospital for medical attention and she is now in a stable condition, while the lover has been arrested.”