ISIS Happy With Donald Trump’s Victory, Say He Will Destroy America Himself

Islamic State jihadis have hailed the victory of Donald Trump while
claiming the billionaire “fool” will ruin America himself allowing
terror groups to take control of the country.

The Republican was branded a “donkey” by militants who warned his election is “an indication of the end of the American empire”.

According to the Daily Mirror,one ISIS jihadi said: 

“What we want is their country be delivered to a donkey like Trump who will destroy it.

“In the end, they are all our enemies and we will only meet them on the
battlefields.It is either them or us. We ask Allah to make their
destruction caused by their own plans and their death come among

“The world is going to experience a change and this change will put Islam in the leadership position as the end result.”

It comes hours after group al-Qaeda said the billionaire’s White House
win will give extremists across the Middle East a common enemy –
sparking fears of a major attack on US soil.