Herd Of Goats Adopt Abandoned Baby Monkey As One Of Their Own [Photos]

An abandoned monkey has found itself a new family after wandering lost into a goat farm.

The little creature was spotted by goat farmer Zhong Shu as he went to check on his herd and saw the frightened animal.

The monkey now clings on to the neck of one of the goats , he now treats like his mum and won’t leave its side.

They even curl up together each night too.

Farmer, Mr Shu, said: “The little monkey has been here for about four or five days.

“When I found it, the monkey was lying on that piece of wood.

“Then, when it saw me, it ran back and forth, as if it was scared of me.

“After that, it climbed onto the back of that goat.

“It seems that the goat made it feel safe.

“Every time I came to shut goats in the fold at night, I found the monkey was either on the back of this goat.

“I tried to feed the monkey bananas, but it did not eat and held on to the goat tightly.”

He added that when the goats to forage during the day, the monkey stays sat on the back of the goat, never leaving their side.

The farm is based in Tonggu County in east China.