Fighting Dirty Online: ‘You Will Be In Jail In 2019’ ~ FFK Tells Jimoh Ibrahim

After Femi Fani-kayode and Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim slugged it
out yesterday online calling each other unprintable names, the duo have
taken to twitter again to fight DIRTY. Though it was started by the
former minister, FFK. He went online shortly after the Supreme court
dismissed Jimoh Ibrahim’s case, saying Eyitayo Jegede remains
PDP’s candidate in Ondo, and not fat, ugly Jimoh Ibrahim.

Among what FFK
had accused Jimoh Ibrahim off, was that he is a ritualist, he engages
in sodomy activities and he needs to amend his anus fast. He also said
everything he touches turns to sh*ts. Jimoh however replied the former
minister as well, saying if you want to get FFK, the only thing
you need to do is give him food and he will dance for you. He concluded
by asking him, saying how many plates of jollof rice do i need to give
you before you dance for me? The tweets…

Jimoh Ibrahim;s reply today…