Don’t Assume The Worst – Obama Defends Trump

U.S. President, Barack Obama has come to the defense of President-Elect,
Donald Trump and has urged the World to give Trump time rather than
assuming the worst.

Obama spoke to Latin Americans at the end of an
international farewell tour that included visits to Greece and Germany,
Reuters reports.

“My main message to you … and the message I delivered in Europe is
don’t just assume the worst,” Obama told a group of young people during a
question-and-answer session in Peru on Saturday.
“Wait until the
administration is in place, it’s actually putting its policies together,
and then you can make your judgments as to whether or not it’s
consistent with the international community’s interest in living in
peace and prosperity together.”
“It will be important for everybody
around the world to not make immediate judgments but give this new
president-elect a chance to put their team together, to examine the
issues, to determine what their policies will be, because as I’ve always
said, how you campaign isn’t always the same as how you govern,” Obama