Comedian SeyiLaw Declares His Interest To Run For President In 2019

Comedian Seyilaw took to his Instagram and twitter page to declare his
interest in running for president come 2019. According to him, it’s time
we vote for shift and change the status quo. Read the rest of what he wrote below…

aim low when you can aim high? I believe that the status quo must
change for Nigeria to regain its place as a force to reckon with. The
energy and knowledge of the Nigerian Youth must be put to positive use.

is time we acknowledged the ingenuity of our vibrant men and women to
ensure proper representation at the different levels of governance and
not mere reduction to PAs and SAs.

We must ensure we retain our best
brains in the country and adequately make provision to reform our
educational institutions, healthcare system and industries. Our ways of
learning must change to meet required standard.

I am ALETILE OLUWASEYITAN LAWRENCE aka SEYILAW and I am running for the highest office in the land in 2019.