Bobby Brown My Daughter’s Life Was Priceless …Nick Gordon Ordered To Pay $36 Mil (Video)

Bobby Brown says his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, had unlimited earning potential before her bf helped take her life … and a judge put a very high dollar amount on those prospects.

Nick Gordon was ordered to fork over $36 million to Bobbi’s estate Thursday after he was earlier found liable for her death.

Here’s a partial list:
— Conversion (stealing funds/assets) at $1.5 mil with punitive damages of $250k

— Assault and battery/medical damages at $1.3 mil, plus $4.2 mil because Gordon was under the influence of drugs and alcohol

— Pain and suffering at $13 mil

— Loss of life at $15 mil, including her net worth and future potential income

The final tally came after tearful testimony from BK’s family. The estate had originally sought $40 million in its wrongful death suit against Gordon. The obvious issue now will be when and if the estate gets a dime out of him.

Gordon was a no-show in court, just as he’d been throughout the case.