Teen Prostitute Who Slept With At Least 24 Police Officers Reveals She Was Tipped Off

A POLICE force is at the centre of shocking allegations that more than 24 officers slept with the same teen prostitute, who was also tipped off by cops about an undercover operation.

The woman, who uses the name “Celeste Guap”, says she had sex with three of the two dozen officers who were part of Oakland Police, in the U.S, when she was just 17. The legal age of consent in California is 18.

And now saucy text messages Guap has shown to TV channel KPIX reveal she had exchanges with Oakland cops, which appear to warn her about undercover operations when she was working as a prostitute.

The 18-year-old had admitted to having sex with two dozen officers from a number of police departments.

She told KPIX she had sex with 14 officers from Oakland Police Department, three Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies, five cops from the Richmond Police Department, and one Livermore police officer.

Texts to Celeste GuapIn exchange for sleeping with them, she alleges some cops tipped her off about undercover operations, and also gave her protection.

Texts to Celeste Guap

Guap said of the texts: “At the time, I was happy, you know, like wow, you know, these men in uniform, you know, giving me protection, you know. Like it was mutual.”